Our Nursery


We have one acre filled with many types of perennial plants that are native to the Ottawa Valley.

We cultivate our perennials using organic sustainable methods.

Our plants are grown in our own soil without greenhouses; this ensures the plants are proven cultivars.

We do not order in plants to sell to the public .

In caring for our gardens, we avoid the use of chemical toxins; our plants are also proven to be resistant to pests and diseases.

In addition to daylilies, we have many hosta and peony cultivars.  Our hostas come in a dazzling range of leaf variations and flower types – some blossoms are even scented!

Peonies are a lovely old-fashioned plant, but some of our peonies will likely be a new experience for you.

Our naturalized shade garden has indigenous and more exotic plants.

For sunnier spots, we feature many different species.  We also have an aromatic herb garden.

Come and sample our loose leaf herbal teas.

Ours is not your typical collection of garden perennials.

Regardless of your gardening experience, we have something new and special for you!